About Soulful Injection

The duo Soulful Injection was established in 1995 by Annette Trollegaard Lorentzen (vocals and guitar) and Peter Nielsen (guitar and vocals) at Musicians Institute in Los Angeles. They write songs in the style of pop/rock with a twist of soul.

Soulful Injections songwriting appeals to a wide audiens, and when they play a concert, it is with a lot of drive, energy and empathy. Annette shows both her power and vulnerability and Peter shows skills as the cool rockguitarist, playing great solos, and the soft picking acoustic guitarist playing melodic melodies.

They enjoy playing concerts both as a duo and with their band with drums, bass, keyboards and two backup singers.

Soulful Injection recently won the first round of the prestigious competition called “The Troubadour” in Berlin. Even though they live in Denmark they often go to Berlin and sometimes London to play gigs.

In Denmark the rumor has brought them to festivals like Mosstock Festival in Skanderborg, Silkeborg SPOT festival and Sølund Festival, and they have played support for wellknown artists in Denmark as Dodo & the Dodos, Danser med Dreng, Østkyst Hustlers, Søs Fenger, Erann DD and more.

Soulful Injection Has recorded 12 new songs in London. An album that is on it’s way out in the market. The album is produced by Nicky Brown who has produced for artists as Earth, Wind & Fire, Jocelyn Brown and Madonna. Besides that they had engineer and producer Mark Franks to mix the album. Mark Franks (Aka Marcellus Fernandes) has produced for names as Rihanna, Oasis, David Bowie, Bob Marley og Van Morrison.